You will noticed that this website looks different from most other telecoms websites you find on the web. There's no hype, no-come-on, no bells and whistles. It's our way of drawing attention to what's really important.

A simple unbeatable offer.

Dear Business Owner,

RE: Rebirth Of The Business Telephone

A 086 number is a value added alternative number linked to your existing Telkom landline or switchboard. Your current business number is not affected at all and can still be used.  We are in a position to offer you a FREE computer-generated 086 business phone number. There is no line rental with our 086 phone numbers and there is no installation fee, all that's needed is a Telkom landline that is registered for business.


Now, a couple of benefits, if we may:

  • 086 Number For Life - Your 086 number is linked to your business for life. Having a 086 phone number will allow your business to move to different areas without changing your telephone number or changing all your material with your old number.

  • 086 numbers are "non-geographic telephone numbers". - They do not have an area code that is linked to a company's location and therefore makes a business appear national, while maintaining a local identity.

  • Flexibility - In the event that your business finds itself without power or a victim of cable theft, your 086 number can be routed to any other Telkom landline country wide as a temporary measure. You can now have your calls answered at other branches, other businesses or any available landline you choose.

  • 086 numbers make it possible for you to create a virtual office. - Going on vacation, but need to keep your business running? Or simply need to go run errands, but don't want to miss an important call from a client? You can have calls to your 086 number forwarded to any other phone number (you'll pay for the forwarding). This can give the impression that you are always in the office and available to be reached.

  • One of the simplest ways to project professionalism is through a 086 number. - 086 numbers are more professional and consumers' perception of your business can make or break your venture. A 086 number lets the world know your company is based on professionalism.

  • No extra costs. - This service doesn't require any extra hardware, software, equipment or monthly fees. In plain english; it's absolutely FREE.

Facts To Concider.

When using the 086 numbers, information of value must be relayed to the caller.

All advertising should include: "Calls charged at VAS rates. Free minutes do not apply."

To route a FREE 086 number takes a minimum of 5 working days.

The ranges that are available for these numbers are:

  • 086 72 72 xxx
  • 086 72 77 xxx
  • 086 72 27 xxx

As these are FREE numbers, our 086 phone numbers cannot be chosen.

If you need a number that reflects your business name (aka Golden Numbers), you need to contact Telkom directly.  Just take note that these "Golden" numbers are monthly subscription based.

But the most important benefit of our FREE 086 numbers is...

... that it is a revenue-sharing service.


Talking on the phone is a necessary evil of conducting business that frequently becomes a time-wasting problem. The reason it becomes a problem is either you or the person on the other end wants to talk too much about the wrong things.

A recent study found that answering telephone calls account for as much as 15% of daily "time-wasting activities".

All this time-wasting is about to change...

... as I'm in a position to offer you the option to get paid for incoming calls on your existing business phone! That's right, earn money by receiving incoming calls; unbelievable but true.

For every minute that you are on an incoming call on your free 086 number, you will be paid 10 cents; that is you earn 1 cent every 6 seconds. Research has shown that the average business phone call lasts 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Let's quickly do the maths:

    The 15 seconds count as 1 minute, so it's 4 minutes in total, right? 4 minutes x 10 cents = 40 cents you earn for taking the call and conducting your normal business.

If the caller engage in long conversation, not only can you make a possible sale, but also earn money from the "tyre-kickers" who's just interested in getting a price. 

By now you're probably wondering where the money comes from to pay you.

Ok, let me explain...

Due to stronger competition and in an effort to retain clientele, Telkom has commissioned us to distribute some of their value added services for free. Remember, the caller pays for the call at R 1,44 per minute. Telkom bills the caller and gets paid. As a Telkom service provider, we get paid by them; and as this is a Telkom revenue-sharing service, you get paid part of the call fee. Does that answer your question?

Limitations of the Free 086 Phone Numbers

If you do use the 0867 range, take note that all calls originating from the cellular networks (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Virgin) do not generate revenue and the numbers are blocked for international use.  

The commission of the first 500 minutes of any NEW free 086 will not be paid to you, but used to cover line development costs.   If your FREE number generates less than 200 minutes per month, there will be no commission paid to you.  If the line continues to generate less than 200 minutes per month, it will be suspended after 3 months from date of activation.


If you want to present your business as professional, stable, trustworthy, and profitable, a 086 number can help you do that.  But please understand that it's of utmost importance for your business to advertise your 086 number for your clients to use, thereby benefiting from the 10 cents per minute commission.

The next move is up to you.  I've shown you that the Free 086 numbers are as risk-free as an offer can come.  You and I both know that if you've read this far, you're seriously interested in improving your business' image and cashflow. 

All that's left to do now is to take action.

This opportunity is only available in South Africa and only for Telkom landlines.

To apply for a Free 086 Phone Number, fill in this form:

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P.S. Worthwhile business opportunities are like a good ol' western gunfight; You're either the quick or the dead. Act now!

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